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Fitness Equipment Maintenance Program


The APF Equipment Maintenance Program is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently. Our qualified technicians are trained to find and eliminate small issues before they become costly problems.


  • Inspect frame and welds for cracks or wear
  • Vacuum debris out of unit to eliminate circuit board malfunctions
  • Inspect drive motor and perform ohm test to determine approximate lifespan
  • Lubricate lift motor worm gear and conduct ohm test
  • Inspect, adjust and align drive belts
  • Perform amp draw test to determine load on the motor, rollers and electronic circuits
  • Adjust and align running belt tension & tracking
  • Lubricate deck
  • Inspect all bearings for wear (to include front and rear rollers)
  • Ensure that unit is running to manufacturer’s specifications

Preventing service calls and keeping your fitness equipment running with minimal downtime requires more than just wiping down equipment and reporting malfunctioning units to a technician. A regular program of Advanced Pro Fitness can truly extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run. Regardless of the number of machines in your home or fitness center, and no matter what their workloads, a dedicated preventive maintenance program is crucial. Customers will be content that their favorite equipment isn’t constantly being repaired and causing interruption to their training program, goals, and fitness success.

During each preventative maintenance visit, ALL equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, thoroughly cleaned in the interior as well as the exterior, lubricated and adjusted according to manufacturers specifications. Upon the completion of your visit we will complete a Preventative Maintenance Checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any down time in your facility.

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A preventive maintenance program helps to keep your equipment in top condition